Monday, November 1, 2010

More Soundwave stuff

Well after announcing an awesome band the other night for Soundwave there's been two more changes to the lineup. And of the 3 bands that are now in (including This Town Needs Guns) I am really excited to see two of them.

Alesana and A Skylit Drive have pulled out. Alesana because of an arrangement with their old band label as they try to escape it and A Skylit Drive because they just don't want to come. Not that either one bothers me, I've never really listened to them.

The replacements are Blessthefall and Polar Bear Club. I was unfortunate to miss Polar Bear Club on their club tour earlier in the year (DAMN WORK TRIPS) so I am mega excited to see them now. They do that orgcore kind of thing I talk about a bit. You know, hardcore punk rock that's a bit dirty and full of guys with beards wearing plaid. Although they are a little more hardcore than other bands.

Both This Town Needs Guns and Polar Bear Club are now in the top 8 of my must-see-at-Soundwave list.

Polar Bear Club

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