Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avenged Sevenfold/Sevendust

Now this... this is an interesting tour. Avenged Sevenfold pulled out of Soundwave this year due to a little disagreement between the promoter and them, apparently regarding playing times. Sevendust, well they played Soundwave this year.

And yet, they're both coming out again! Soon!

I honestly can't be assed going into great detail, because as much as I loved Sevendust (as a 16 year old anyway) I just can't get into Avenged Sevenfold. And yes, I've seen them, and I thought it was just a lot of musical masturbation (aka, over the top solos that weren't that good).

But for equality sake, I thought I'd post the tour here. July 28, Brisbane Entertainment Centre. All-ages. Probably will cost a fortune too.


Here's an excellent little gem of a tour, that I probably would've missed if it didn't include one of my favourite current Australian bands. Imagine if you grew up listening to bands like Monster Magnet, Motorhead, (early) Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, but then you decided you wanted to do it all just that little bit heavier.

That my friends, is Doomriders.

And accompanying them on this heavy metal/stoner/hardcore trip will be Australia's finest band in that category, I Exist. I've seen this band a ton of times in the last year or two, and they just keep impressing me. Especially the lead singer's alocholism, which surprisingly doesn't affect his performance.
(Thanks JHat)

Catch this all July 22 at the Zoo. 18+


Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell is a man of many talents. Well, mainly one, he can sing. But he's a man of many kick ass bands. Soundgarden? Yep, that's him singing. Audioslave? He's the only non-Rage Against the Machine member on there. Temple of the Dog? He's part of the few that aren't Pearl Jam. How about a James Bond theme?

If Kurt Cobain is the god of all things grunge, Chris Cornell would be one of his disciples. One of the ones that wrote a gospel. He's been there, done that, worn the (plaid) shirt and continues spreading the word.

The part that's pained me over the years of worshipping all those bands, is that I've never seen them. None of those three. But Chris will be helping out in a half-assed way, with the announcement of his solo tour. He'll be playing some of his solo stuff, some of his Soundgarden stuff, some of his Audioslave stuff and some covers that he's been working on. But the part that gets me a little moist in the naughty bits is that he'll be covering Temple of the Dog songs. Maybe even this one?

I'll find out when I go see him October 15th at QPac.

The Flood

I bang on and on about the local music scene, but for good reason. It's bloody good up here in Brisbane. A bunch of rad people in rads bands making rad music. And they know this, so together, they've put together a collective and called it the Flood.

And to celebrate, they're having a show!

I feel as if I've gone on and on about these bands before, I love so many of them. So really, there's no excuse not to go if you like anything about local heavier music.

EDIT: Apparently demand is strong, so it's been moved to the Morningside School of Arts Hall, cnr of Thynne Rd & Wynnum Rd

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Music promoters, pick up your game

Today, against my better judgement, I bought a Soundwave Revolution ticket. Since the festival was first announced, I’ve been set on not attending. However the fact that it is Van Halen’s only Australian shows, and they are one of the few bands left on my “see before I, or more likely they, die” list, I just had to.

As I was about to hit the “process payment” button though, my jaw dropped. I had to double check. The price. Holy hell, the price. I did not want to pay that much for a one-day festival ever. And it really hammered home something I’ve noticed lately: the promoters are taking us for a ride.

Without a doubt, Australians love live music. We especially love when international bands come and play our shores. At home, they may play to small venues that aren’t packed out. Here, when they make the effort to visit us, we make the effort to go see them. We thank them. Back home they play really cheap shows, here, they play more expensive shows. Us punters, we understand it though. Obviously they have to fly out here, hire equipment, get hotel rooms and fly the long distances between cities; so we won’t begrudge the extra ticket price.

The promoters though, they’ve noticed this, and are taking advantage of it. For years we’ve put up with it, paying the prices and selling out these large venues, generally rather rapidly. Every year the same tour/festival would come around, they’d change it a bit, maybe one more band, and then exponentially up the price. The Australian dollar is high. Bands want to do almost anything to play here. We want them to play here. We religiously buy their merch and support them while they are here. The numbers just don’t add up.

But over the last year, things have changed. Hopefully for the best. We’re fighting back.

During the festival season last year, most festivals didn’t sell out. Back in the day, hosting a day of music with a few stages and a few international acts was as good as printing your own money if you were a promoter. But how many promotions did we see over the summer just to get crowds in? Buy one ticket, get one free? Show up with a friend on the day and we’ll let them in too? Half price tickets days out from the event? Us punters, we finally cottoned on. Festivals for years have been rehashing the same few international acts every few years and then filling the gaps with the same 30 Australian bands that seem to be on every bill (the Living End anyone?).

The greatest example is Splendour. In my entire memory of living in Brisbane, Splendour in the Grass has sold out within an hour or two, camping tickets generally all gone in the first few seconds. This year though... well, log on to the ticket sellers. Have a look. It’s been a month and you can still buy camping tickets. Even the regular festival goers, who don’t care as much about the bands playing, look at what’s on offer and decide “it’s just not worth it”. Maybe it’s the $500 ticket? Maybe it’s the bands, a lot who aren’t that “hip” anymore or who were just touring within the last year. For me, I only really want to see one or two bands, and it’s cheaper for me to fly to Sydney, see the sideshows, have a mini-holiday and come back up. Way better than sleeping in a tent in a muddy field surrounded by drugged out fools.

Sure, Soundwave Revolution tried to sell it by having all of these great international bands (no locals) but honestly, we can’t see them all in a day. I rush around a lot at festivals and am lucky to see 10, not even if I stick around for a full set. And at that price, I want to see as many bands as possible. I don’t care how many stages you have, I can’t see most of them. And as everyone knows, most of the bands you’ll want to see will be playing at the same time... the end of the night.

I for one, feel embarrassed. I go to these international gigs now and watch the bands play to venues half full (Comeback Kid/Architects/Rolo Tomassi/This Is Hell), sometimes not even a quarter full (the Go! Team) and it doesn’t feel right. The band knows it and their performance drops off. The crowd knows it and doesn’t get involved. It’s a shame.

Promoters, pick up the game. Respect the punters. After all, we are your customer base. Your only customer base.

After Van Halen though, I’ll probably go back to seeing lots of little tours, DIY international ones, where the bands just want to play music for their fans in Australia. Because, as they’ll say, we’re some of the best in the world.

Edit: Just got an email from Splendour to inform me that camping tickets finally sold out.

Double edit: The Touche Amore/Title Fight tour I was so looking forward to, is $52. That's a pass for me. What a ripoff

Monday, May 23, 2011


Did you watch Eurovision the other weekend? I somehow got suckered into watching it. In between watching the AFL of course. And amongst the 90s boy band wannabes, there was nestled this nugget of gold:

Moldovan ska. MOLDOVAN FUCKIN' SKA. I'm a man who likes ska, and I've got a lot of ska from European countries, but none from Moldova. Look at their hats. AND IS THAT A CLARINET SOLO ON A UNICYCLE?!

Really, there's nothing about that video which doesn't pique my musical interest.

I would like to say I did the research, but no, the girl did, and she found that they are called Zdob si Zdub and they've actually been on Eurovision before. I wish I could link you to their albums (they've got a lot of gypsy influence in them and it's fun and dancey) but I can't. So instead, here's their website where you can get some of their music.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fucked Up

One of my favourite bands of recent years, and one of my favourite live music moments of this year, is the band Fucked Up. Over the years they've taken their early hardcore roots and shaped it into some beautiful and thought-provoking music, while slowly moving away from hardcore.

Next month, they release their new album, David Comes to Life. I never though it'd be possible to top their 2008 masterpiece The Chemistry of Modern Life but I think they may with David Comes to Life. It centres around a character David, which in essence makes this a concept album. On first listen, it's a slight departure from their hardcore roots, but as always, the music is beautifully layered and complex.

I'm not going to post a review of it now, because it's official release date is June 7 and this is one of these albums I'm going to listen to over and over again before forming any sort of opinion. Instead, here's a mini-documentary about Fucked Up that you should watch. It explains the band's history, the band's direction and everything that defines them. It also explains their new album somewhat.

The part that depresses me the most is that they mention it will be their end game. That this album is everything Fucked Up has been evolving to in 10 years. Honestly, this depresses me. I would hate to see this iconic and unique band disappear.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Music Friday 20!

Today's (or tomorrow's I guess, I'm posting this early), free music Friday comes straight out of Brisbane. It's a band that a friend's little sister once dated a member of. It's the Cairos.

The Cairos are one of those Brisbane indie bands that the women love. They're hard working and make some really dancable tracks, but you go to a gig, and there's all these teenagers/early 20s girls just hanging around, swooning a little. I've seen them a few times now, as they're always that band that opens for bigger indie bands. And to be honest, I also like them. So I'm a 16 year old school girl.

They've put their new EP up on their bandcamp and you can get it for free. They're not even asking for a donation. For me, this is actually the first time I've ever heard them on record. It's not as good as their live show, but I actually like their recorded sound. It's a bit more indie and less dance.

Free download here

Touche Amore/Title Fight

The first quarter of this year has been amazing for me and concerts. It's pretty much been better than the last 10+ years combined. I'm a bit bummed now that there's not much going on, and where I was going to see gigs two or three times a week, I'm now down to barely one a month. I figured the rest of the year would be pretty meh.

But then, I heard about this tour.

Both bands, Touche Amore and Title Fight, have put out great albums in the last few weeks. Especially Touche Amore. I actually only listened to it for the first time today, but following their La Dispute split last year, I knew to expect some awesomeness. And they deliver. Both of them deliver.

In celebration on both great albums, they're touring together out to Australia later this year. September 8, at the HiFi. It's a scarily large venue for them.

EDIT: So I jumped the gun before the "official" announcement. Turns out it's an all-ages gig at the Old Museum now. The crowd size which fits them much better.

Both bands lean on the harder edge of punk, Touche Amore more so.

Check out both bands, and prepare for some musical awesomeness:

Steely Dan/Steve Winwood

When I first saw this poster, on the wall of a building next to the train line, as my morning train scooted past, the little old 50 year old inside me jumped for joy. And now that I've confirmed it, he's doing back flips (soon to be followed by lying on the couch when his back is out).

Yes, it's Steely Dan. With Steve Winwood. And to see why, just know that I play the opening riff of this every time I touch a guitar:

Even better is that he's playing with Steve Winwood. I had the pleasure of seeing him open for Tom Petty at Summerfest a few years ago. You may not know him, but he's one of the greatest song writers in the last 50 years. He's been in bands with Eric Clapton, and he even wrote this song way back when:

Come October 23, I'll be packing up my dad and heading off to Mt Cotton to see this, as it's part of the Day on the Green at Sirromet.


Oh hey, it must be that time of year again. Regurgitator's going on tour.

It's becoming an annual event, kind of like that two weeks of freezing cold mornings we get in Queensland when our cars actually ice over. Well it's not that bad, as I actually like Regurgitator. And this Brisbane band is still putting out music, occassionally, and still rocking out.

Sure it's been a while since their heady days of the Unit album, when they'd play Recovery seemingly every few weeks with a new hit single (gosh, I miss that show). Trust my though, I go out and see them every year and they still put on a good show.

There's quite a few shows in our area for this tour:
18th August - Hotel Great Northern, Byron Bay
19th August - Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast
20th August - The HiFi, Brisbane
21st August - King's Beach Tavern, Caloundra

Splendour in the Grass Sideshows

So the Splendour in the Grass sideshows were announced today, and there was a huge surprise! Brisbane didn't get any! Oh wait... that's normal. Especially since, for probably the first time ever, Splendour isn't sold out yet.

There's a few I'll consider travelling for, especially since my second favourite band (Modest Mouse) is playing. But I guess, at this rate, if Splendour doesn't sell out, it may just be nicer heading to the festival?

If anything, I hope promoters now realize they can't just recycle the same few international acts with the same 50 Australian bands and call it a festival every few months.

For the list of ones announced in non-Brisbane areas, head here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One sentence album reviews (#13)

The Sweet Revenge - Creatures Of Routine (2010): Sounds like: A perfect crossover of Billy Talent and Alkaline Trio 4/5

Light the Fuse and Run - All Your Base Are Belong To Us (2002): noisy and punky screamo. This band summarises my current musical tastes perfectly. 4/5

Letlive - Fake History (2011): It's like Finch. Before they broke up the first time. Of course I love it. 4.5/5

Pour Habit - Got Your Back (2011): A fast and fun punk album. 4/5

ArpLine - Travel Book (2010): Sounds like: Animal Collective, with a lot less weird-ass noises 4/5

Ironhide - Create/Collapse/Repeat (2011): Such good technical metal from an awesome bunch of Brisbane dudes. Amazing production too. 4/5

Dredg - Chuckles and Mr Squeezy (2011): The band name makes me think of msludge etal, but it's cliche soft alternative rock. 2.5/5

Young Widows - In And Out Of Youth And Lightness (2011): Dark post-punk which, to me, seems to channel a hell of a lot of Nick Cave 3.5/5

Raein - Ah, As If (2011): Italian screamo. They do it even better than the French apparently. I still have no idea what they are singing 4/5

Thursday - No Devolucion (2011): it's a more ambient sound, but there's a few songs that channel the heavierside band United Nations 4/5

Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues EP (2011): 3 songs, 30 minutes of crazy and epic metal, including gypsy circus music. 4/5

Fires of Waco - Old Ghosts Never Sleep (2011): Local band I've seen many times, after hearing this album I finally get the At the Drive-In comparison. 4/5

Deftones - Covers (2011):Recorded over their career, this is surprising as they are beautifully crafted, not heavy covers I was expecting 3.5/5

Incubus - If Not Now, When? (2011): Softer, more like a Brandon Boyd solo album. Some songs have a 1960s Pink Floyd or Neil Young feel. 2.5/5

Jebediah - Kosciuszko (2011): For a 10 year break, these Aussie indie rockers sound like they've barelyskipped a beat. 4/5

Kvelertak - Kvelertak (2010): This Norwegian black metal/hardcore cross over almost reminds me of Refused if they sang in Norwegian. 4.5/5

TV On the Radio - Nine Types Of Light (2011): The first TOTR album where the lead singer's wavering voice doesn't annoy me. Nice indie. 3.5/5

Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder (2011): Less punk and more... My Chemical Romance-esque? But not in a bad way. It's more rounded overall 3/5

Vivian Girls - Share the Joy (2011): Female indie pop, which feels as if it has just fallen into my CD player and my heart direct from 1960. 4/5

Unwritten Law - Swan (2011): It sounds like the Unwritten Law of old, but that's not a good thing. It's like a greatest hits with no hits. 2/5

Title Fight - Shed (2011): Punk with emo cross over, that I sometimes hate, but mostly just love. Feels very gritty. 4/5

Man the Change - Weather the Storm (2011): fun melodic hardcore punk. I like it, and bonus points for it being a free album. 4/5

Smoking Popes - This Is Only A Test (2011): Old/slow punk, but some great song writing. 3.5/5

Panic at the Disco - Vices & Virtue (2011): Fills a weird place between the first 2 albums. Poppy, but not the beatles sound of #2. 3.5/5

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Del tha Funkee Homosapien. He's a man of many names. Deltron. Del. Teren. Sir Dzl. 3030. Ghost Rapper. Ice Cube's cousin.

He has his hand in many hip-hop projects, and still has a career going strong. Not bad for a career that launched with a cheesy 90's rap song

Most people these days will just know him as the guy that raps in the Gorillaz first album. Something which first introduced him to me, before I explored all of his other work. As far as I'm concerned, he has one of the most unique voices in hip-hop. I can pick him out in almost anything.

He's bringing out his extensive back catalogue for a tour soon.
July 22, HiFi. 18+

Soundwave Revolution

The announcements for this festival have been slowly trickling out of Twitter (twickling?) over the last month or so, and I was going to hold off for blogging about it, because honestly, all of the original bands weren't enough to encourage me to go.

The full line up is this. The ones I want to see are in bold.
Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)
Alice Cooper
Bad Religion
Machine Head
Sisters Of Mercy
Alter Bridge
Versa Emerge
Kevin Devine
The Pretty Reckless
All Time Low
Dashboard Confessional
Hollywood Undead
Street Dogs
Panic! at the Disco
Relient K
Attack! Attack!
Face to Face
Framing Hanley
The Used
Holy Grail
Times of Grace
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
Funeral For a Friend
Steel Panther
Devin Townsend
Sum 41
Black Veil Brides
Set Your Goals
The Dangerous Summer
We Are The In Crowd
The Word Alive
In This Moment
The Damned Things
The Acacia Strain
Every Time I Die
Madina Lake
Make Do And Mend
Story Of The Year
We Are The Ocean
Four Year Strong
Terrible Things
The Swellers
This Providence
Young Guns
Up until the headline announcement yesterday, I was definitely a no go. The bands announced were mainly pop-crap-punk, or I'd seen them before. It's also in September. And the last September festival I went to was fine during the day time, but the second that sun dropped I froze and got very sick.

But now, with the full line-up announced, I'm confused. VAN FUCKING HALEN. DANZIG. Far out. I want to see those bands. But prices have been claimed to be the same as Soundwave was this year, which to me... may just be too much for a handful of bands I want to see, surrounded by annoying music and festival attendees.... I guess time will tell. How much do I really love Van Halen?

(Answer: A lot)

Soundwave Revolution
RNA Showgrounds
September 24

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Use for a Name

This picture is a blurry one of me, Scott and Nick with Tony Sly. Aka the lead singer/creative genius of legendary punk band No Use For a Name.

He came out last year to regale us with acoustic versions of his songs. As good as it was, it had nothing on what I imagine seeing the full classic punk band would be like.

Luckily, I don't have to wait long, as Tony's bringing the new version of the band out, which now includes guys from the Mad Caddies and Lagwagon.

July 23, the Zoo
July 24, the Cooly

For more ass-kicking punk, check the youtube playlist.

Elton John tour

Seriously, do I need to write something about this guy? I hope not, you should know who he is by now.

If you don't go to this gig with me, we're not friends. I'm sorry.

Elton John
November 30
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Fucked Up new song

The highlight of this year's Soundwave, without fail, was Fucked Up.

(Photo by Stephen Booth)

I say that because I am a massive fan of their smart hardcore, and they just put on a really good show. They are currently in the process of taking it to the next level, pulling a the Who, and making a rock opera. Entitled David Comes to Life, it's about well... the life of a guy named David. It's almost finished, but for now you can get the new single from David right here: http://www.stereogum.com/698241/fucked-up-queen-of-hearts/mp3s/

It's slightly different from some older stuff, but you can definitely tell it's part of a whole story line.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Music Friday 19!

I like punk. I really do. This week I'm seeing/have seen Off With Their Heads, Against Me! and Frenzal Rhomb. There's something about punk, in it's simplicity and speed that just gets in me and makes me move and yell and pump my fist in the air. So this week's free music Friday is punk. Just fun punk.

Their name is Man the Change and I have done zero research on them, because it's early Saturday morning now. But apparently they are from Brooklyn. And they play punk, but in a slightly melodic-hardcore style. Slightly. While listening to it I can't help but think of Good Clean Fun. And that's what this style of punk is, it's fun!

Their album is free on their record label's site, so go check it out if you like any punk. http://www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/downloads/dtfh099.html

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Against Me, May 5, The HiFi

This show was amazing. Bloody amazing.

Edit: You probably want more than that. So here we go. They played for an hour and 20 minutes straight, with no break between songs. They played songs from almost every release. Any song you wanted to hear (except if you're Ellery and wanted Borne on the FM Waves). I've never been to a concert where I knew almost every word and sang along. But I did tonight, while constantly pumping my fist. The band, the crowd, heck even the security had broad grins on their faces. The gig was just fantastic.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Change of plans

The Mix 'n' Mash tour, coming through Brisbane in 2 weeks, mixed together hardcore, metal and pop-punk acts. I always thought it was an odd mix of bands, but it would probably appeal to a lot of people.

However, the line up has now changed, with two bands pulling out. Including one of the two I would've gone to see. Both You Me and Six and Bleeding Through have pulled out of the tour. Leaving Parkway Drive, Confession and the Wonder Years to do the tour. It appears there is a replacement in a band called Miss May I, but being metalcore, there's only the one pop-punk band left on the bill now. So instead of being a mix, it'll be more lopsided.

It's still May 18 and it's still at the Riverstage.

Rosies = Dead

Rosies. Over the last few years it's been almost a second home to me. Smaller punk/hardcore/indie/metal bands have been stopping through there most nights during that time, playing some great shows to always keen crowds. Not to mention they had bloody reasonable prices for jugs.

Well, now it's over.

Rosies has been sold, and bought by the guys that own the Fox. As part of this sale, it appears that Rosies will no longer be for music. Instead it's to be restored to it's former glory (whatever the hell that is) and turned into a pub (maybe even a nightclub) with DJs. Maybe. They're not sure yet.

As most of us local music fans know, it just wasn't the gigs, but the weekly night clubs that brought together people of the same music tastes, that were hosted there that made it a great place. So what will happen to them?

The metal night, Monstrothic, will be moving upstairs at the Jubille starting June 10

Level Up looks like it will be killed for good, with the promoters looking to new projects.

And Thriller, the one that took most of my time, energy, money, dignity and hearing ability (seriously, turn down the music between bands) are undecided. But it looks like they will be moving to a new venue. But of course, expect all of these nights to go off with a bang. The first announced one is Thriller:

This is sad. Rosies will be missed. With Rosies and the Basement gone, there's really nowhere left in downtown Brisbane for live music at all.

Aussie Indie Madness!

So I've noticed lately 2 things:
  1. The HiFi has changed ticket providers from OzTix to Moshtix. This blows monkey balls. Moshtix make it ridiculously hard to do tickets (proof of ID, all on the same entry, web only) and charge high ticketing fees. Also, they don't do paper tickets. So no longer do I get the thrill of going to my local record store, buying an actual ticket, going to the gig, and putting the ticket in my collection. I have hundreds of tickets chronicling my entire lifetime of music (hence the background of the blog).
  2. Australian indie is on the rise again.
I'll address the second point, as I noticed it after discovering the first point. There's a shit tonne of Aussie indie tours coming up, and a lot of them are upgrading from the smaller venues we've been used to over the years (mainly at the Zoo or even Rics). In fact, a lot are coming through the HiFi right now. Like the following I found while looking for Get Up Kids tickets the other day:
  • Gypsy and the Cat, May 14
  • Architecture in Helsinki, May 27
  • Hungry Kids of Hungary, May 28
  • Jebediah, June 3
  • Boy and Bear, June 4
  • Little Red, June 18
  • The Grates, July 1
In slightly over a month, there's 7 Australian bands touring, most of which I'd only expect to play the Zoo or similar. Good for them. Expect hipsters en masse at all of these shows.

Of course they are all 18+, and most of them are less than $30. Should be good fun.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hipster watch: OFWGKTA

I'm late on this hipster watch, which probably makes the band no longer a hipster band. The hipster mathematics confuses me, so we'll ignore it for now.

When you think of hipsters, you generally think of scrawny white kids listening to indie music, right? WRONG. Hipsters don't discriminate. There's plenty of hipsters of all races, including African-American. And because of this influence, hip-hop can make it into the hipster's playlist. No, none of that gangster rap crap (except for old school Dr Dre, ironically that makes the cut), they like their 'alternative' rap, which doesn't feature bitches, hoes or tricks normally.

And the hippest of the hippest hip-rap bands right now are Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Look at the crowd in the picture above. They're white. And someone's wearing a Green Lantern hoodie. It's as hipster as you can get.

They're so hip, that they announced a run of shows in Sydney only. And they all sold out in seconds. Hipsters jumped on the bandwagon before the bandwagon had a chance to leave!

One thing that makes them even more appealing to hipsters is that every album is free. Yes, even you can jump on this bandwagon (legally) by going to their website and downloading their music.

Hidden away on that website we get a little nugget of gold. In their tour dates section it says
My oh my! Looks like they're not only playing a run of Sydney dates. We can get our hipster on up here. I'll probably go, being a hipster and all, and their hip-hop is actually pretty good.

Edit: After a bit of research, this date is not confirmed. The Zoo is already booked that night. However, rumour has it it may be at the HiFi now... 18+ either way.

UPDATE: It's the HiFi. June 5.