Thursday, April 19, 2012

Record Store day

Record Store day almost passed me by this year, if it wasn't for Kayleigh pointing it out on twitter about an hour ago. I've supported it over the years, always heading to Rockinghorse and Kill the Music to stock up on music. Last year I got a special Sonic Youth 12"!

It's coming up this Saturday, the 21st. For those of you that don't know, it's a day to get out and support independent music stores. We in Brisbane are lucky enough to have a few, not just the two I mentioned above. You'll get live performers, sales and special one off pressings just for the day.

The one I'm most excited for has to be at Tym Guitars, as it's also celebrating their 15th anniversary and 4th in their current location on Winn St in the Valley. There's local and interstate bands (Turnpike, No Anchor, Violent Soho, Margins and Dumbsaint) and they are hosting a special listening of the new J Mascis album (J is great friends with Tim).

I'll be stopping in at some point, hopefully in time to catch No Anchor (bring ear plugs people) and walk out with a few records I probably don't need, but want anyway (last time I was there  I saw the Yuck 12 inch, I want it).

Go support your independent music retailers!

Frenzal Rhomb play even more shows

It seems Frenzal has been a constant touring since they dropped their last album, Smoko at the Pet Food Factory. Being the hard working Australian punk band they are, they don't just hit up the major venues in major cities. In fact, they're coming up for some shows in Queensland and aren't even going anywhere near Brisbane.

While I'm on my nostalgia kick, there's a Recovery video of them. Including an interview conducted by Dave McCormack of Custard fame.

June 8, Kings Beach Tavern Sunshine Coast
June 9, Parkwood Tavern Gold Coast


A week ago I blogged about the best hardcore music festival in Australia. Without a doubt, the band I was most excited for was Ceremony. I was considering going down there just to see them play the two days.

But now, we get two of our own shows!

July 5 - Between the Walls (all-ages)
July 6 - Basement 243 (18+)

Two small and great venues for seeing a hardcore band like this. I am excited.

Bodyjar: No Touch Red

A lot of bands from my youth have been doing nostalgia tours, showing both my age, and the spending power people of my age have when it comes to music. And the big drawcard of these tours has generally been the good-ol' "playing an album in full".

Well heck, even Australian bands can jump on that. A few months back Bodyjar did a few Melbourne shows playing their album No Touch Red in full. Now we get it up here in Brisbane!

And yes, that video is from Recovery. The best Australian show ever.  Which also shows how old it is.

On August 24th they'll be playing the HiFi, with other classic 90's Australian punk One Dollar Short.

The Ocean

You like metal? You like good progressive metal? Well watch this video:

And if you do, come to the Zoo with me on the 24th of May. Supported by local bands I like, such as Nuclear Summer (sunshine metal) and No Anchor (two bass guitars playing sludgy metal).

The Black Keys Explode!

The Black Keys are one of those bands I've enjoyed for years and their new album just blew me away last year. For fans, it's been a long wait between shows though, as they kept cancelling their tours down under due to exhaustion and other commitments. Still, it was worth it for a cracker of an album.

Well they've finally committed to coming to Australia again, touring with another artist that made my top 20 album list of last year, Royal Headache. However, I guess everyone else is finally on the Black Keys bandwagon (after what, 10 years?) and they're going to be playing the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Yep. Not even kidding. 

October 26.

Splendour in the Grass 2012 edition

It's that time of year again, after months of rumours and internet fighting, the Splendour announcement has gone live, now in handy video form!

Just in case you can't see it, here's the list:

Jack White
Bloc Party – Only Australian show
Smashing Pumpkins
At The Drive-In – Only Australian show
The Shins
Hilltop Hoods
The Kooks – Only Australian show
Miike Snow
Dirty Three – Only Australian show
Lana Del Rey
Azealia Banks
Tame Impala
Explosions In The Sky – Only Australian show
The Afghan Whigs
Missy Higgins
Band Of Skulls
Django Django
Gypsy & The Cat
San Cisco
Last Dinosaurs
Electric Guest
Angus Stone
DZ Deathrays
Lanie Lane
Big Scary
Michael Kiwanuka
Yacht Club Dj’s
Bertie Blackman
Jinja Safari
Blue King Brown
Youth Lagoon
The Beautiful Girls
Tijuana Cartel
Ball Park Music
The Rubens
Ben Howard
Bleeding Knees Club
Zulu Winter
The Medics
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Kate Miller-Heidke
Father John Misty
Emma Louise
Chet Faker
Here We Go Magic
Parachute Youth
Mosman Alder
The Cast Of Cheers
Wolf & Cub
Bob Dylan tribute: Kav Temperley, Kevin Mitchell, Holly Throsby and Patience Hodgson will join forces with an array of surprise Splendour guests
There's two bands in there I haven't seen that I'd like to see. Fun. and of course At the Drive-In. Okay, maybe the Kooks, Metric, the Shins and the Bob Dylan tribute as well.

It's back down in Byron this year, which of course means that promoters consider it a suburb of Brisbane and we won't get any shows from it. It's the 27th-29th of July.

It says it's ATDI's only show in Australia, which is absolute balls.

EDIT: Tickets are $350+BF, $99 camping or $135 for single day passes. Looks like I'll go the Friday for ATDI

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Local Shows

Two great (albeit heavier) local shows coming up this month!

Milestones/Little Shadow at Fat Louies, May 12. (free!)
The Mercy Beat/The Quickening at Basement 243, April 28. ($10)

Both some of my favourite places in Brisbane and both full of great local music. Follow the links for the Facebook event details, as well as listening to the bands!

Hardcore 2012

It's not often I post about gigs from areas more than a few hours out of Brisbane, but chances are you'll see me at this one. One of Australia's best record labels, Resist Records, are putting on two days of great hardcore music simply titled "Hardcore".

Over two days (or one if you're under 18) you'll get your face melted by some of the best hardcore from Australia on beyond.

Terror, Mindsnare, Ceremony, I Exist, Break Even, Miles Away, Extortion, Iron Mind.

For those of you keeping track, these will be the last ever Break Even shows. So you will be able to say goodbye to one of Australia's best hardcore bands.

And for me, there's mother-fucking Ceremony:

July 7 (18+) and July 8 (AA) at the Sydney HiFi.


Purple Rain.
Little Red Corvette.
Rasberry Beret.

I don't need to introduce him. So I'll let Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy introduce him

It's coming up within a month! A very quick lead period from announcement to gig. May 18 at the Entertainment Centre. Tickets go on sale Monday morning, and they are at regular Entertainment Centre prices ($99+).

Seafood and Wine (and music)

I love food. And wine. I especially love seafood. All of this together means I was probably going to go to the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival. But then, they decided to add some music entertainment. And by some, I mean a hell of a lot of quality Australian bands:

And reading into it further, there's a 12 year old in me getting very, very excited. Boom Crash opera and 1927?! EEP! Let's get drunk, stuffed on quality seafood and rock out!

May 6, Caxton Street

You can get tickets from here for less than $30

Flight of the Conchords

I was an Australian in America at the height of the Conchords hype. Even though they were from New Zealand, everything I did ended up being associated with them. I ended up hating them for ages because of it.

But then thanks to some really clever comedic song writing, and lots of in jokes about this song, I got back into them:

But, it seems I'm one of the only ones around to not get caught up in the hysteria of this band. Because they've announced a tour... to the Entertainment Centre. A much bigger venue than I ever imagined!

July 7


I'll be honest, before today I had not heard of this band. I let it slip by when I saw the announcement of their tour. But then the fangirling on twitter that followed, from people who's music taste I identify with, well I had to go check out.

And now, for the last hour, instead of reviewing albums, I've just been looping their YouTube playlist.

My goodness. For those people that like that emotional punk/orgcore sound, they'll love this. And I tell you what, I'm an instant convert. I will totally be heading out and checking these shows:

Wednesday 27th June – Youth Activities Centre, Byron Bay AA
Thursday 28th June – Snitch, X+Y Bar, Brisbane 18+
Friday 29th June – The Loft, Brisbane AA

One Sentence Album Reviews

Because it took me forever to finish my 2011 list, here's the first for the year!

Tennis - Young And Old (2012): another girl/boy duo making dreamy summer tunes; makes me think of pastel polo shirts and country clubs 3/5

Anti-Flag - The General Strike (2012): As always, Anti-Flag make a fun punk album full of catchy hooks and politics. It's damn catchy 4.3/5

Every Time I Die - Ex Lives (2012): typical ETID album: features the same guitar/vocal styles & funny titles but with a more metal edge 4.3/5

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire (2012): This metal album tries hard, but falls short. Especially with its overuse of fake synth violin 3/5

The Mars Volta - Noctorniquet (2012): The poppiest album Omar/Cedric have released yet. Short songs, no spacey solos, understandable lyrics 3.7/5

Caliban - I Am Nemesis (2012): Breakdowns, samples, clean singing parts, swearing. A fairly typical metalcore album 3.2/5

Hank Williams III - Rebel Within (2010): Someon with a hardcore background decided to imitate the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack 4/5

Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune (2012): accompanying soundtrack to the 1902 movie is a return of form. The music doesn't even need the movie 4.8/5
Sonic Armada may be the song of the year

Quiet Steps - Secular (2012): The screamo influence is largely cast aside on this album, substituted for some great noodly melodies 4/5

Bleeding Knees Club - Nothing To Do (2012): Retro sounding garage rock from the Gold Coast. It's like a 60's surf party! 4/5

Narrows - Painted (2012): Every year there's a dirty, sludgy hardcore album I dig. I'm pretty sure this is it for 2012. 4.2/5

MxPx - Plans Within Plans (2012): A flashback to when I was 16 and pop-punk blared through my car windows as loud as it could go 3.8/5

Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror (2012): Not much changed for the 2nd album, except the riffs are more 80's power-metal. Not in a good way 2.3/5

Fanfarlo - Rooms Filled With Light (2012): Delightful indie-pop, but the album lacks a standout wow factor, it'll be forgotten quickly 3.5/5

Fun. - Some Nights (2012): Imagine if you were in a cute romantic (indie) movie, this would be your soundtrack 4/5

Kaiser Chiefs - Start The Revolution Without Me (2012): Unlike their last few albums, they don't sound totally bored. Still not great 2.4/5

Useless ID - Symptoms (2012): The melodies! I find this album so gosh darn catchy in a good pop-punk way 4/5

Lucero - Women & Work (2012): A more upbeat Lucero album, probably thanks to all of the horns. Magnificent whiskey fueled rock still 4.6/5

Ceremony - Zoo (2012): It appears the hardcore and anger is gone, replaced with a brooding almost indie sound. Not what I was expecting 3.3/5

Young Guns -  Bones (2012): an attempt at a big stadium-rock, radio-friendly sound. Meh 2.3/5

Monday, April 9, 2012

Secret Show: Dead to Me

Last night I dragged my hungover self underground for Schooner or Later at Basement 243. It was a great night of punk, headed by American Fat Wreck artists Dead to Me and Cobra Skulls. A great time was had. I'll have the photos posted on AltMusicHub at some point today (and then I'll link them back here).

But what you should know is that Dead to Me take their punk rock seriously. They even bleed for it.

They were great. So great, that they're doing a secret show today. It's at Brews Brothers, it's $10 and it starts at 2pm.

If you don't know Brews Brothers, it's a little home brewery store in Woolloongabba. They make excellent beers and sell them at ridiculously cheap prices too. Cheap beers, great music (supported by Quiet Steps) and cheap entry. All during the daylight hours.

Show details are here:

Get there. I will be if my family easter celebrations end early.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: The Beards, The Good Ship, The Stiffys. The Zoo, March 30 2012

On Friday night I packed up, camera in hand and headed to the Zoo to see the kings of beard-parody bands: the Beards. Last time they came up they played Rics, so it's a huge step up in the world to be playing a sold out crowd at the Zoo. I'd been hearing them for months on ABC AM radio as well, so I guess I must've missed the memo when they became a "serious" band.

But that night was anything but serious. First up was the Stiffys. They encouraged us to drink. A lot:

There were two members to the band: a drummer and a bass player. Dressed as slightly permiscuous sailors. And you'll never guess what every song was about. Penises. I guess the name gave that away. 

They even had a song about how sexy Ranger Stacey was. It really appealed to me as a 12 year old. Musically, they can best be described as DFA 1979 singing about penises. It was fast beats with some good bass playing, in a bit of a dancey way.

The next band, the Good Ship, didn't give away too much from their title. At least I thought not.

But after the 7-odd strong band came out with their plethora of instruments and started playing comedic sea-shanties, well... I figured out the title did some them up pretty well.

You may not know this about me, but I am a man who really loves his sea shanties. I really do. So I enjoyed the crap out of their set, especially their rousing rendition of "What do we do with the drunken sailor" at the end. They have an album launch at the Beetle Bar on April 20. I'd strongly recommend you go see them if you want to have a great time.

At this point in the night, girls were coming up to me and stroking my beard. It was a weird experience, but I guess they were here for that reason. And the Beards did not fail to disappoint. Especially considering the lead singer rocked a beard and a key-tar. A greater combination of awesome I've yet to see.

There was a lot of beer and a lot of songs about Beards. And a lot of chit-chat. All about Beards. For a single joke, it really never stopped being funny the whole night.

It was really hard to take the gig seriously, but that was what was great about it. It was just a fun night all around.

Monday, April 2, 2012

100 Songs Project: Brisbane bands get involved!

An interesting idea that has popped up over the last few years is the 100 songs in 100 hours project. Watch this trailer to get an idea:

The idea being that artists/bands/performers from all over (but mainly Queensland) head into the studio to record 100 songs in a 100 hour window. These songs are then mastered and shipped off to both Triple J and 4ZZZ for immediate release to the public. As the video says, it's like a music festival, but broadcast (and with much better facilities and audio quality).

Come May 20-25, QUT will throw open it's doors for 16 hours a day to record the 100 songs. FOR FREE. Yes, that's right. Are you in a band and want to get a recording and some exposure? Well why not do this? It will only take a few hours of your day, you will be contributing to something big and awesome and you'll get a professionally recorded song broadcast almost immediately on radio. Who knows, you may even get put on their best of CD (which the 2011 version, called "Twelve" was released last weekend).

If you're interested, just fill in this form: The applications close a week from today. So get on it.

Australian music! Tours! NOW!

San Cisco

They're going around plugging their Awkward EP again. Here's a song from it and it's not hard to see how their indie-pop is slowly taking over the airwaves and becoming ear worms stuck in your head for days.

May 10, Elsewhere, Gold Coast
May 11, The Zoo

Dappled Cities 
This one is courtesy of Darcy, probably their biggest fan. First off, they have a new song in anticipation of a new album very soon. Check it out:

They'll be playing this and hopefully a whole lot of new songs as well at Oh Hello on May 24.
The Medics
The best band to come out of North Queensland? Probably (I don't know many). In the past I've gotten them confused with the Dutch band of the same name. But not for this post. No. The Dutch Medics do zany rock, the North Queensland Medics make some beautiful indie-pop. Which they'll show case for you on April 21 at the Zoo. Get some free MP3s of them from here:


One thing my old stomping grounds of mid-western America is not known for is hip-hop. Especially not Minnesota. But that's the reason why the hip-hop group Atmosphere are good. The offer a new spin on things. They do it different. It's not your "coastal" hip-hop of gangstas. It's damn good music.

And they're playing the HiFi. May 5. 18+


Who doesn't love when bands from the past bring us sweet sweet endorphins in the form of nostalgia? Well, get a load of these three upcoming tours from blasts from our musical past.

As I am all too painfully aware, thanks to a few of my friends, Hanson went on and on and on past MMMBop. In fact they never stopped, becoming a nice little indie 3 piece. I wish I was kidding. I was going to link a video. But no.

September 20, HiFi
September 21, Coolangatta Hotel

The Darkness
The lead singer was once the fastest man on Top Gear and although they believed in a thing called love, they also believed in 80s glam rock with a hefty dash of Queen influence. They broke up, they're back and they'll be playing Eatons Hill Hotel on May 4.

I've always been head over heels in love with Inxs. They are by far the best Australian band ever. EVER. Fight me if you disagree.

The whole Michael Hutchence thing was just a crying shame and the misfortunes of the replacement lead singer has detracted from a discography of amazing music. I'm not sure who the singer is now that JD Fortune has been kicked out again, but they're coming back for a massive Australian tour. MASSIVE.
In our area alone we get:
June 24, Harrigan's @ Drift Inn, Jacobs Well
June 26, Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
June 28, Twin Towns, Tweed Heads
June 30, Eatons Hill Hotel

Peter Hook cancels Joy Division

Peter Hook, one of the original Joy Division dudes, was scheduled to come out and cover one of the band's albums next week. I was excited. I had a photo pass for it!

And then it was cancelled. Why?
...due to production circumstances which were beyond their control.
 .... right. In the press release they mentioned they might try it again at the end of this year or the start of next. But this could be just the start of a huge legal to-and-fro between him and the other Joy Division guys, also known as New Order. There's been a lot of contention about who owns what rights to the music in either band between them all. A shame really, because they are two iconic bands, done by the same guys originally.