Monday, October 25, 2010

Weezer free stuff

One of my greatest concert regrets was not going to see Weezer. I had the choice of going (for free mind you) to see Weezer, or going to my girlfriend's senior prom. I made the wrong choice, following a girl, especially since we broke up the next day.

But since those days, circa 2002, Weezer has been slowly going downhill (if you're an old school fan like me and most of my friends).

Weezer has recently put out a new album, Hurley. Sure, it's not very good, but... Well, there is no but. They must realise it themselves as well, because they are about to release a whole bunch of stuff from their peak days, around the time of Pinkerton. As well as touring the whole album.

As part of this new Pinkerton era stuff, they've leaked a few songs, that we can get for free!
Grab them here:
Blowin' My Sack
Getting Up and Leaving

Now we've just got to get them back for some shows in Australia.

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