Sunday, October 3, 2010

Philadelphia Grand Jury new drummer

Philadelphia Grand Jury are about to return home to Australia to do a quick tour, including November 19th at the Hifi. And before their tour kicks off, they've got a new drummer. The band says:

“This will probably come as a shock to a lot of people, but we’re extremely sad to say that Calvin Welch won’t be drumming with us in Philadelphia Grand Jury any more. No-one is angry, but it simply hasn’t been working. Calvin has a wife and children to support and being in a totally independent band with a lot of hard touring to come over the next few years and it just wasn’t viable to keep going with the current setup.

Berkfinger and I are both extremely grateful for the excellent times we’ve had with Calvin and there is always a chance of all of us doing stuff together again in the future, as it seems that none of our drummers can stay away from us for too long!”

“Susie Dreamboat (who you should know from the uber-cool Brisbane band I Heart Hiroshima) has come straight from Berlin to join us on the road in the UK and will be with us throughout the USA and Australian tours. It might seem otherwise, but we’re pretty lucky with with drummers, because Susie is freaking amazing.”

That's right, the drummer from my favourite Brisbane band, I Heart Hiroshima, will be taking over the sticks. She's a very fun person and always adds a lot of humour to her shows. And here's one of my favourite songs by I Heart Hiroshima:

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