Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Paper Scissors

The last week or so I've been announcing lots of indie tours in the new year, based around bands with what I deem "jangly indie guitars". So I think it's time I mentioned a local band doing it, instead of my fan-boy worship of the Canadian bands that seem to do it oh so well.

Introducing the Paper Scissors. These boys have been doing the Australian indie scene for a few years now and you've probably heard their music if you've ever listened to Triple J or seen all of Underbelly (they had a song pop up in the series, in between the shootings and the hookers and the cocaine).

They've got a new album coming out soon, but for now they've got a new single out, called Lung Sum (grab a copy of it here). They are about to embark on a great Australian tour to show case their new stuff, and you can catch them at Alhambra on the 21st of October (18+/$10).


Edit: Their MySpace said Tempo, but apparently it's Alhambra. My bad. Thanks to SGC for pointing that out

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