Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Music Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Do you like free stuff? I do. I was once quoted in the University of Iowa newspaper, at an impromptu meeting with Hoobastank and Lostprophets, as saying
"I'm just here for the free stuff."
So I present to you free music Friday.

After witnessing one of the best gigs I have ever seen on Sunday night, watching Baroness of course, I thought I may go and find out a bit more about this interesting subgenre of metal known as sludge. In my "research" (aka Google, wikipedia and mediafire) I stumbled across a French band called I Pilot Daemon.

Not one to discriminate on the pure fact that they are from a country of cheese eating surrender monkeys I gave them a listen. And I enjoyed. Not purely sludge, these guys throw in a healthy dose of hardcore as well. At times I even pick up a bit of screamo. This fits my current mood and listening habits perfectly.

Here's the free stuff now: their new album. They've put it out on the internet for free, not even in the way that involves you having to go to dodgy websites and put up with ads for granny dating and penis enhancements (although that may just be the internet telling me something). Get it here:

I'd recommend at least listening to the track El Salvaje. I had it on loop while writing this.

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