Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flying Lotus

A lot of people I know hate hip-hop. I don't blame them, there's a lot of shite out there. But one of the things that makes good hip-hop great, is the beats behind them. So what happens if you take out the rhymes and focus on the music? You get Flying Lotus.

For those of you that watch Adult Swim, he produces most of the beats for the cuts and promos. Even if you ignore how awesome those 10 second cuts can be, his new album is a stand out reason to listen to him. Called Cosmogramma, it has electronic, hip-hop and just random hipsters all over the world raving. Oh, and me. It's hard to describe, as he goes from orchestral moments in songs like A Cosmic Drama, to bass heavy beats like in Nose Art and trip-hop like in Drips. It's just an amazing album of modern music.

We're lucky enough to get him out on a tour Sunday the 2nd of January at the Tivoli. 18+


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