Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soundwave 2011

Soundwave has to be one of my favourite festivals. Ever since it's inception back in the day (07) I've gone to everyone in Brisbane and even to other cities. It combines a lot of the genres I love in punk, metal, hardcore and alternative rock. It also helps bring out bands you don't get to always see in Australia.

It's pretty much hit the big time now and the organisers have started leaking out bands one at a time on Triple J's Full Metal Racket and Short Fast Loud. As of now, the bands announced have yet to get me overly excited like every year before. They are:

The Blackout
The Ataris
Trash Talk
All That Remains
Less than Jake
There for Tomorrow
Mad Caddies
A Skylit Drive
The Sword
Asking Alexandria

I find myself asking "who?" with half of this line up. Not to mention the fact that two of these bands have already played the Soundwave festival before. I'm excited by Less than Jake and Mad Caddies, as I have an excessive obsession with Ska. Less Than Jake missed Brisbane last time they were here, due to bad flights. I'm also excited by the thrash hardcore of Trash Talk who didn't come on the last Boys of Summer tour like they were supposed to.

I'm hoping that there are some way better bands on the upcoming announcement, or I may not go next year. I hate putting up with festival crowds for some mediocre genre-copying bands.

Oh, and AJ (the organiser), if you some how read this, get Primus on it. You've been promising it for way too long now.

The Brisbane leg of the tour is the 26th of February next year. No venue announcement yet.

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