Monday, July 19, 2010

Punk cancellation, announcement and possible album of the year??

SNFU Cancel tour (not their fault... maybe)

These Canadian punk legends were going to be out soon doing a long awaited tour. Unfortunately:
Is it possible to live the values of your sub-culture too completely? Can members of punk bands be accused of being "too punk"? SNFU never thought so. Unfortunately, the Australian Government doesn't seem to agree.

With fans eagerly awaiting their 2010 tour, we here at New Noise Agency have been informed by Australian Customs that a member has been denied a Visa, based on prior convictions – meaning he can't legally enter Australia. As much as we've tried to fight this decision and find a way around it, we've been left with no choice other than to cancel SNFU's forthcoming tour.
So they are no longer playing the Zoo in the next week.

Miles Away tour

WA's hardcore punkers Miles Away are heading our way again for some more shows.

Oct 1 The Fort Brisbane AA
Oct 2 Rosies, Brisbane (Thriller, 18+)


Album of the year?

One of my new front runners for album of the year is now Norma Jean - Meridional. O God the Aftermath and Redeemer were some amazing albums that really took the heavier mathcore/hardcore scene to great places. Their latest, the Anti-Mother, was more melodic, but I didn't enjoy it as much.

But Meridional... wow. Get it if you like any heavy music.

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