Monday, July 5, 2010

Mourning Tide tour!

Have you always wanted your 80's glam-rock with a side of hardcore? Or maybe you've always wanted your hardcore to have bigger hair, blazing solos and (more recently) moustaches? Then the Gold Coast's Mourning Tide is for you:

Ignoring the fact that this is an old and one of their absolute cheesiest songs, Mourning Tide very successfully mix hardcore and 80's glam rock. Glam-core? Is that a sub-genre? Well, that's what they are.

They're about to embark on their headlining The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Tour. As a band, Mourning Tide are much better live. Their music, like a lot of 80's style rock, is made for playing loud to a crowd, with lots of showing off and band standing.

Catch them on a run of South East Queensland dates.

Fri 24th Sept - Brisbane All Ages - The Fort
Sat 25th Sept - Brisbane 18+ - Thriller ( Rosies )
Friday 1st Oct - Sunshine Coast 18+ - Diamond Nights ( 240 Nightclub )
Sat 2nd Oct - Gold Coast All Ages - Shed 5
Sun 3rd Oct - Sunshine Coast All Ages - The Blackbox Nambour ( Afternoon Show )

On this tour they'll be bringing two Sunshine Coast hardcore bands with them: Wish for Wings and Grace is Gone.

Mourning Tide
Wish for Wings
Grace is Gone

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