Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gorillaz tour

A few months back, with the death of Dennis Hopper, I was watching a bunch of videos of him, including him performing "Fire Out of the Monkey's Head" with the Gorillaz live. And after that I watched all of the Gorillaz live videos I could. They just seem to put on an amazing theatrical experience (not just a show) and never did I think I'd ever get to see it.

But now I can.

Not just the Gorillaz, but they'll be bringing out a bunch of guests to help them perform their songs. Which means we get to see this:

Their tour party will include De La Soul (in the video above), Mick Jones, Bobby Womack, Gruff Rhys, Shaun Ryder and Little Dragon. Look at that list for a second. I'd give a leg to see Mick Jones (the Clash), De La Soul, or the Gorillaz. And now we get them all together.

19th December at the Entertainment Centre. It may be the first time I will ever enjoy a show there.

If you want, check out the Gorillaz live in Harlem, featuring every guest star you could possibly imagine:

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