Thursday, September 16, 2010

One sentence album reviews (#1)

I find myself listening to a butt load of music every week. I generally can't be assed writing reviews or doing anything like that, so I though I'd introduce a new segment to my blog: One sentence album reviews. If I can't say what I think about it in just one sentence, any longer review is just going to be jibber-jabber.

Huntingtons - Plastic Surgery (2000)
The 1970's called, they've got the Ramones on a conference call... and they want their music back.

In Bear Country - In Bear Country EP (2009)
Gravelly-vocal Canadian punk rock, I listened to it three times in one sitting
Track: New Music Sux

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk (2010)
If all country music was as melodic and as beautiful as this, I'd be a country bumpkin.

Punch - Push Pull (2010)
Screamo with a female lead singer that doesn't sound like your ears are melting.

Mogwai - Special Move (2010)
I never imagined their dreamy, wordless post-rock would keep me awake at a concert, but this live recording has changed my mind.

Monster Magnet - 25.......Tab (1993)
50 minutes, 3 songs, and this is how stoner rock should be; taking you on an amazing journey.

We Are Scientists - Barbara (2010)
They are still yet to refind that dancey-indie miracle mix that made their first album amazing, this just sounds like so many other bland indie albums right now.

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