Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sidewave/Flood Relief/HUGE SHOW

I'll be quick so you can read this and buy your ticket, because there's only about 80 left. It got announced earlier today and it's already almost sold out.

But on February 25 a bunch of Soundwave bands will be doing a flood relief show at the Step Inn. They are Trash Talk, Terror, H20 and the headline act will be the Bronx! This is a massive show. MASSIVE. At a tiny venue. Something like ~150 people only will be in there.

The ticket revenue will be going straight to the flood relief. So not only is it a great show (featuring one of my favourite bands, the Bronx), but it's helping people out as well.

To get a glimpse of how awesome this will be, here's a recording of the Bronx last time they were here, going on about how much they love Brisbane: http://www.thehifilive.com.au/concert/2009-09-09/The_Bronx

DO NOT WAIT. This will sell out by tonight probably.

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