Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Drums

I never go to Splendour. I wish I had in 2006, but ever since then the lineup hasn't excited me enough to fork out a large chunk of money to spend a long weekend driving a long way to camp in a muddy field full of pill-popping drunk-party girls to listen to bands, 90% of which play every Australian festival ever.

But if I had gone in 2010, I would've definitely checked out the Drums.

As I have much lamented, 2010 was a year of the re-emergence of surf-rock. Where as surf-rock has been interesting in the past, 2010 was a year of generic sounding guitar-surf rock.

The Drums weren't really like that. They were a bit more upbeat and a bit more electro. Like if old school Gang of Four and New Order crossed over with the Beach Boys. That description makes me happy, like the Drums music does.

Well in less than a year, they've decided to come out as part of the regional Grooving the Moo festival. And like the Go Team, Brisbane actually gets sideshows!

May 3, The Zoo.

The Drums

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