Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Go! Team

Back when Triple J were good (~2004) this band had a bit of a hit time!

Their mix of extreme lo-fi (mmm humming and distortion) with hip-hop, dance, alternative rock and lots of experimentation with noise made them a pretty great band for that time and place that was 2004. And unsurprisingly, I dug it.

Fast forward 7 years and there's been 2 albums since Thunder, Lightning, Strike; but no tours in 4 years. But that shall be rectified, as they have been announced as part of the Grooving the Moo run of festivals.

Although these festivals run to regional centres (Queensland's stop is Townsville, if it hasn't blown away), unlike most other festivals we get Brisbane sideshows. So catch the Go! Team May 4 at the HiFi.

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