Sunday, August 8, 2010


The support bands for a bunch of shoes have been announced. Here they are.

Jack Johnson
December 13, Riverstage. Supported by Canadian pop-duo Tegan and Sara. The girls that NOFX sang about.

August 15, HiFi. Former Bodyjar members Cola Wars have already announced they are supporting CKY. But apparently Bam Margera, skateboarder, jackass and brother of the drummer, will be coming out to MC the evening. No idea what he will do, but it will be interesting.

Against Me!
October 7, HiFi. Brisbane locals An Horse will be supporting. Featuring the girl from Iron On (and also former Skinny's record clerk) and the boy from Intercooler, they do pleasant indie-pop. It's a bit of a surprise pairing, but go them!

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