Sunday, August 29, 2010


Do you remember (if you're an indie fan) how last year was the year everyone finally started talking about Animal Collective? And then they came huge and had a massively packed show at the Tivoli? Well I do. But during any conversation about Animal Collective, the hipster music friends always said "ohhhhhhhh they are so old, the new band you should be listening to is Girls." (Imagine that being said in an ironic hipster voice with lots of eye rolls behind their massive glasses and hair flicks).

Wow. Don't try to google search for them. It's mainly porn. So this is the picture you get.

The music of the band is simple: melodies with a lo-fi ethic. Their 2009 album Album has that distinctly grainy quality which makes you think they recorded it themselves in a bedroom, but that is the sound they are going for.

They will be in the country for the Meridith Music Festival down south, but we are lucky enough to get a sideshow on December 9th at the Zoo.

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