Sunday, August 8, 2010

Misfits tour

You'd know of the Misfits, even if you don't know who they are. It's hard to go anywhere without seeing this:

It seems every punk and hardcore person at some point aknowledges the Misfits. Formed in 1977, they combined punk (and to a lesser extent melodic hardcore and metal) with horror movie themes, creating the genre horror-punk. Their original singer/main songwriter, Glen Danzig, left in the 80s and there was a huge lawsuit resulting in Danzig getting royalties, while the other members (mainly Jerry Only) could record and tour under the Misfits.

Which brings us to today. The current line up of Misfits is slightly more metal oriented and features members of punk classics Black Flag. And with this lineup, they'll be coming down to Australian in 2011.

February 6th, the HiFi, 18+

The song Dig Up Her Bones is one of the more popular ones in the post-Danzig era:

Although it's not the same without Danzig, it will still be an excellent concert to see the roots of most of the punk music I listen to today.

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