Friday, August 20, 2010

New Pornographers

Canada has some great indie superbands and one of my favourites has to be the New Pornographers. Their album Twin Cinema was the soundtrack to the summer of 2006 for me. I even managed to catch them back then and recorded a shockingly dodgy video on my antiquated camera technology of the past:

Their music style is just happy-pop music with some funky subject matter. Although their last few releases have fallen into the traps of tried-and-true typical indie it's still pretty damn good music in the scheme of things.

You'll be able to see them try to squeeze their extensive lineup onto the small Zoo stage on November the 9th (18+). Fingers crossed they will be bringing my favourite, yet rarely touring member, Dan Bejar (also known as Destroyer) with them. He has written most of the songs I love, the ones that have that off-kilter feel to them. Jackie Dressed in Cobras on their MySpace is one of the great examples, while Myriad Harbour is another.

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