Monday, August 16, 2010

Female lead noise

I saw the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World over the weekend and I loved it for two reasons: it's nerdy video game references and it's music-dorky hipster music references. Sadcore? I lost it at that point. Over all, the music in it was such a highlight for me. When it wasn't using the Zelda theme, it had music by the made-up band Sex Bob-omb who played simple noise garage rock. The kind with 3 instruments, all distorted and played fast, and yelled and distorted vocals. I've always had a soft spot for that kind of music. You can download one of the tracks from the movie here: to see what I am on about.

But as I was driving around the next day, listening to 4ZZZ, they played a song of the same genre that made me even more in love with the sound. The difference was, it was a female singer. The song The Message, by Brisbane locals the Grates is a great example of female-lead distorted noise-garage rock (or whatever the hell it is called).

The Grates "Message" Music Video

Jeremy MySpace Video

Of course, these days they are slightly poppier. But this was the first song I heard by them and the one I still love the most.

The first song I ever heard in this style was from the first EP from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The song, Art Star was also the first I had ever heard from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I swooned. I've not been able to really get into them after hearing Karen O scream her heart out on that EP and then seeing how they changed their sound. Get it here.

I don't know much other bands in the genre, but it seems Australia has quite the talent for it. Another one of my favourite local bands is I Heart Hiroshima, who, although a bit more quiet and laid back, still like to rip into the raw sound a lot. They've got 3 vocalists, only one being a female, but you still get a lot of her singing. Neutron Pop Song, an earlier single, is a great example of it. You can get the track here.

My all time favourite band, that kept this sound going, is actually from Canberra and Melbourne. Young and Restless. I picked up their CD at the LifeLine bookfest a few years back (unfortunately after they broke up) and I was blown away. Don't let the little Indonesian lead singer fool you, she just blows you away with her almost-post-hardcore style. A great example from their only album is Police! Police!

I am going to look more into this type of music, because I just love it. And it makes the female lead singers absolutely beautiful in my eyes. If you know any other bands, please let me know.

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