Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It was almost a year ago when the legendary horror-punk outfit Misfits announced they were coming out to Australia, only to cancel on us. I had some friends that were distraught by this.

The Misfits now are without the lead singer Danzig (sad) but includes members of Black Flag (yay!). And they will finally be touring as promised, December 2 at the HiFi. This is all in celebration of their new album which is supposedly out later this year.

I know everyone says this, but without Danzig, it's not the Misfits. What this tour should be instead is the best damn cover band ever. Imagine if they just split a set of Black Flag and Misfits songs?! I would totally pay to see that. We could call them the Misflags. Or the Black Fits (which sounds like a racist slur to someone with who has seizures). A boy can dream...

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