Monday, February 20, 2012

Groovin' the Moo sideshows

The Australian festival scene is apparently saturated. Yeah, we've been told that a lot this past 12 months, with only 1 festival in Brisbane selling out (and it's this weekend!). But there's some festivals that don't even touch the major cities, but instead embrace different markets in more regional areas. The biggest (probably anyway) is Groovin' the Moo, which is not a festival I mention here often. And that's because it's Queensland leg is in Townsville. It's NSW leg is in Maitland. Either one will see me having to travel a day or more to get there.

But the beauty of this festival is that Brisbane actually gets sideshows! YES! Lots of them too.

First off the rank is a band with one of my favourite albums: Kaiser Chiefs. Their debut album Employment is just a ripsnorter of a Brit-pop-rock album full of synth and happy indie dance tunes.

Although their latest albums haven't had the same impact on me, they are still a great band to see live.

Kaiser Chiefs - HiFi, May 8

On the same night is the poster boy of the current surf-punk movement: Wavves. Although not really my thing, there's a lot of people I know that are going to put in some bad Hawaiian shirts and go along to this.

Wavves - The Zoo, May 8

 Playing the next day at the Zoo is a man who parties hard. And does the weather some times:

Andrew W.K. - The Zoo, May 9

Also on the same night there'll be a British band playing their jangly guitar indie. They have a song called Lego. Is that the reason I listened to them originally? You damn well know it.

The Maccabees - HiFi, May 9

The very last sideshow is actually over two nights, one all-ages and the other 18+. And it kind of hurts me, as he was once in a hardcore band that put out when of my all time favourite albums. It was called Watch Out! Nothing against his solo music, he has an amazing voice and is an incredible musician. It just makes me a little sad. That being said, he does throw a few Alexisonfire songs in occasionally.
City and Colour - The Tivoli, May 8 (18+), May 9 (all-ages)

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