Monday, February 20, 2012

Cancelled: Murder by Death

When bands cancel tours, I get sad. Especially bands I really want to see. But everything about the Murder by Death cancellation actually makes me happy (except for having to wait longer to see them again).

  1. It's the night of Soundwave. I am photographing that festival and sideshows before/after. I'm going to be dead that night
  2. Carly's going to be in town and staying with me that night! Choosing between an overseas friend or a band? That's tough
  3. It was at Woodland. I don't like that venue. Now it is no longer at Woodland.
  4. I get to see them now!
It was originally February 25 at Woodland. Now it's May 26 at the Jubilee Hotel. A much better venue. And it only appears to be clashing with Florence + the Machine, a clash that's easy to choose. (Hint: not Florence).

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