Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Man in Black

I have no idea how this escaped my attention, there's so many aspects of it I love.

Number 1: this man:

I have so much of his vinyl. In fact, I have the vinyl from that video. He's probably the reason I got into collecting vinyl, it was the easiest way to get Johnny Cash music.

Number 2: this man. Ignore the cheesiness of the cover, he's a man, just his work with The Cruel Sea and Beasts of Bourbon shall prove it.

So what do the two together make? The Man In Black. From August 31 to September 9 at the 12th Night Theatre Tex Perkins will be performing Johnny Cash's songs as well as telling us the story of one of the greatest musicians ever.

I'm getting Chills just thinking about it.

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