Monday, August 29, 2011

Future of the Left

I don't ever need a calendar to tell when Christmas is coming up. All I do is listen for a Future of the Left tour announcement. The last two years they've played January 3rd at the Zoo. Maybe they've got some sort of odd daylight savings in Future of the Left-land, because they've just announced they're coming out again but a few days early.

December 6th the Zoo.

If you don't know Future of the Left, you haven't lived. Rising up from the ashes of scuzz/noise/garage rock giants McLusky, they went on the same path, but with a lot of quirkiness. It's music that makes a lot of noise, with a lot of jokes and a lot of unexpected surprises.

The band has had a shakeup, losing a member, gaining a member and having the old bass player from Frank Turner's hardcore band Million Dead slotting in. They've still got the heavy (very much so) and are not afraid of playing a few McLusky songs if you're well behaved.

No matter what kind of music you like (as long as it falls inclusively between metal and indie) you'll probably enjoy this gig. Every time I see them I'm surprised by the great crossover between all of the musical scenes in the crowd, until they rock my socks off and remind me why they're awesome.

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