Saturday, August 20, 2011

Counter Revolution

So the fallout of the cancelling of Soundwave Revolution is settling and the details of what's replacing it is emerging.

First off, I got a beautiful email telling me that every cent I spent will be refunded in the next 7 days, including postage and booking fees. A nice touch to dampen the blow. If you haven't got your email yet, or changed banking details since you bought the tickets, get a hold of Oztix.

AJ Maddah, the guy behind all things Soundwave related, has been answering a lot of questions on his twitter. I was keeping an eye on it, but it got out of control. It seems some bands are going out on a mini-festival tour, some are doing their own headlining tour, some our doing club tours and a lot are coming out for Soundwave 2012. It's too much for me to keep track of with my currently busy schedule, but the guys over at AltMusicHub are doing a good job of updating with up to the minute news.

So the big announcement yesterday (which has already gone on sale!) is the Counter Revolution festival! Two stages, no clases and 19 of the bands that were going to be on Soundwave Revolution. These include:
Panic At The Disco
All Time Low
Story Of The Year
Face To Face
The Damned Things
Set Your Goals
Funeral For A Friend
The Pretty Reckless
Young Guns
This Providence
Go Radio
Make Do And Mend
The Swellers
We Are The In Crowd
Terrible Things
Tickets are ~$103 and it will be at the Riverstage on the same day Soundwave Revolution was going to be (September 24th).

My thoughts? It's basically now a pop-punk festival. Most of these bands I didn't want to see at the original revolution, with the exception of Make Do and Mend and Face to Face (who I've at least seen before twice). So, without the draw of anything major like Van Halen, I probably won't be in attendance. Now I'll just wait for the other announcements to come trickling through...

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