Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Music Friday 27!

Big thanks to Chris for this one.

Today's Free Music Friday is what I imagine all pop-punk to be. In my head, when I hear the words pop-punk I imagine this kind of music: a bunch of guy's making happy punk music about all things good in life and just having a ball. I don't imagine what gets passed off for pop-punk 98% of the time these days: either whiny teenage heartbreak crap (generally from 30-40 year old songwriters) or weird-ass breakdown not quite crap post-hardcore stuff.

Oh no, the Hotel Year is the damn good kind of pop-punk.

I went to google some pictures, but only got pictures of hotels. And some weird band that dresses like girls and plays weird ass pop-punk that I mentioned I hated above (tokio hotel I think).

Anyway, I'll shut up. You go to Bandcamp and download their album and enjoy the shit out of it. You can donate or there's a mediafire link there for you if you're real cheap.

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