Monday, April 2, 2012

100 Songs Project: Brisbane bands get involved!

An interesting idea that has popped up over the last few years is the 100 songs in 100 hours project. Watch this trailer to get an idea:

The idea being that artists/bands/performers from all over (but mainly Queensland) head into the studio to record 100 songs in a 100 hour window. These songs are then mastered and shipped off to both Triple J and 4ZZZ for immediate release to the public. As the video says, it's like a music festival, but broadcast (and with much better facilities and audio quality).

Come May 20-25, QUT will throw open it's doors for 16 hours a day to record the 100 songs. FOR FREE. Yes, that's right. Are you in a band and want to get a recording and some exposure? Well why not do this? It will only take a few hours of your day, you will be contributing to something big and awesome and you'll get a professionally recorded song broadcast almost immediately on radio. Who knows, you may even get put on their best of CD (which the 2011 version, called "Twelve" was released last weekend).

If you're interested, just fill in this form: The applications close a week from today. So get on it.

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