Monday, November 28, 2011

Fucked Up

Today at work, I was having a miserable day. Then I read something on Twitter that just turned my day around. It went by in what seemed like seconds after I heard the news. Fucked Up are doing a club show in Brisbane.

I've been preaching Fucked Up for a while, for good reasons. Their smart hardcore is amazing and not just for people that like hardcore. This year they release a concept album, David Comes to Life, which was just mind blowing. I remember thinking at the time "they're going to have to break up, they can never top this." Well it turns out my thinking was right, as they are going on indefinite hiatus very soon. But not before they finish a tour with the Foo Fighters. 

Part of the tour was a few sideshows, of course in Melbourne and Sydney. I tried to get tickets to either one, but my work schedule would not allow me to make it. I was depressed. So depressed. Then today, a simple Tweet: Fucked Up playing Alhambra, next Friday. The 9th.

I squeed. I actually made the squee noise. And bought my ticket straight away. I missed Iron Maiden to see Fucked Up at Soundwave this year and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Strip that show down to the small stage of Alhambra... My god. Insane. I cannot wait.

Fucked Up. 18+. Alhambra. December 9

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