Monday, October 10, 2011

Airwaves: a late pass

I don't normally blog about albums individually, but I got my hands on one this week that has just blown my mind. The only problem is, it came out years ago. It's an odd collaboration between 2 Brisbane music collectives: Topology and Loops.

Together, with the archives of 100 years of radio transimissions, they've put together a 99 track album called Airwaves. This album features samples (in reverse chronological order) of some of the most important radio broadcasts in our history, put together with a jazz, and at times noodly post-rock, backing track. I sat at work today, enthralled by how it all worked together, at times the samples and the music were at complete opposites, but at times they worked magnificently together, especially the track Gough Whitlam: Well May We Say.

What makes this late pass even worse is that they performed it live less than a week ago at the Powerhouse. GAH! A chance to up my culture, history and general awesomeness and I just missed out.

There's something to be said for music that makes you sit back and really pay attention. Although I'm young, I still found myself listening to this and remembering where I was during some of these historical speeches (even though with me it was only the first few tracks that were relevant).

If you're willing to take a risk with something new and interesting in music, do yourself a favour, get this. And if you like what you hear, and have some management skills, Topology are looking for a new manager. This job popped up in my daily updates today, completely unrelated to the fact that I was listening to the band.

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