Monday, March 5, 2012

2011: Best of songs

As I finish my last few album reviews for my best of 2011 album list and let the craziness of Soundwave and miss photography slowly dissipate, I think it's time to tell you what my favourite songs of 2011 were. In no particular order at all, except for when I wrote them down in my dodgy ass Windows Notepad file. I may write something about it, I may not. Just know that i love these songs.

Touche Amore - Home Away From Here

It's short, fast, hard and emotionally brutal, which at the time I got into this song was everything I felt. "It's just I have this problem that I want to be everywhere I'm not..."

Defeater - Empty Glass

Boris - Les Paul Custom '86

Multiple versions of this song came out this year, but there's something about the metal band doing stripped-back J-pop/electronica in this that just astounds me and makes me sing along, with words I don't understand.

The DC3 - I was the Guy in TISM

The Australian satire and wit! AHH!

Monument – Dot Dash/Bikeage/What a Wonderful Puddle

The album wasn't considered for my end of list because it was 50% covers. But what covers! Get it for free on their bandcamp.

My Morning Jacket - Holdin' On To Black Metal
The song's subject matter v. delivery. 

Yuck - Georgia
Rekindled my love affair with Brit-rock, even with a bit of a Cure riff rip-off.

Andrew Jackson Jihad - The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving
Short. Quirky. Original.

Wilco - One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)
It may be a tad bit long for some people, but it is the perfect song to listen to while lying in bed on a Sunday morning. And that riff! My god, it's repetitive, but it's catchy.

The Smith St Band - I Ain't Safe
Thrice - Listen Through Me

The Hotel Year - Weathered

La Dispute - King Park
The subject matter alone. Christ. Try listening to this without getting goosebumps or crying.

The Wonder Years - Came Out Swinging
A great start to my favourite pop-punk album of the last 5 years. And it's not about lost love, but something I understand. Missing the youth of growing up in the burbs of Chicago (or near enough in the case of me up the road).

Joyce Manner - Constant Headache
This album was good, but not great. Yet I kept looking to it. And this song would always be the first one I listened to.

The Dear Hunter - We've Got a Score to Settle
Mastodon - Curl of the Burl

It was nigh on impossible to pick just one song from this album to be in this list, but this one had an "official" music video.

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