Thursday, December 22, 2011

Duran Duran

I don't know whether to blame my parents or not, but one of my favourite types of music is 80's based synth-pop. It just makes me happy. My second favourite of this era (behind the mighty Tears for Fears) would have to be Duran Duran.

Back in my younger days, this was even our drinking song/music video:

In the real version it's just gratuitous nudity everywhere.

A few years ago I had the wonder, nay, amazement, of seeing them play at V Festival. Surrounded by people 20 years my elder, we all got together and just danced. It was fun and they put on a great show as a band.

I get to live it all again at the Entertainment Centre, March 17th. Unfortunately this time it's almost festival prices, with $99 giving you the far back seats.

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